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Courage and Sensuality
Kathy DeRosas and Joanne Ludwig
May 2013
Work by: Janis Anton, Ruth M. Freeman, Joanne Ludwig, Niki Banffy-Nesbitt, Faith Sanchez Noonan
March 2013
I Think I Got Something to Say: An examination of Sex, Gender and Race (Mature content, individual discretion advised)
G. Thompson
February 2013
Tell Tale
A group show of small works
December 2012
ZEPHYR: for those who enjoy snow...
Lila Taff
November 2012
Lisa Stoneman & Brian Wasson
October 2012
Manifesting You: Creating a Patchwork Family
Marlene White
September 2012
The World Saving Device, Oakland Art 250 Years From Now
Work by: Jon Carling, John Casey, Ernest Doty, Thomas Christopher Haag, Obi Kaufmann, Lauren Napolitano, Nathaniel Parsons, David Polka, David Seiler, Gina Tuzzi
August 2012
Elizabeth Saviano
July 2012
Pock Marks and Poppies...Some Fields and Other Views
Judi Pettite
June 2012
Gared Luquet
May 2012
Set Adrift
Lucy Im
April 2012
Black and White
Janis Anton, Gared Luquet, Ruth Freeman & Niki Banffy-Nesbitt
February 2012
Mix Match
Holiday Group Show and Artisan Marketplace!
December 2011
Open Season
Nathaniel Parsons
October 2011
The 23 Hour Project
Janis Anton
September 2011
Glare on gold, economy & adornment
Kate Ellen
August 2011
Jessica Cadkin
July 2011
Loyal Figures
Jon Carling
June 2011
Gared Luquet
May 2011
Marlene White
March 2011
Spadoink! Small Works
T. Joseph Enos
February 2011
Bedroom Floor, Kitchen Counter
Terry Furry
January 2011
bright night
group show of small works
December 2010
little STRANGERS and ODD familiars
Dave Higgins
October - November 2010
Time Flies
Markus Niebanck
September 2010
Gangters, Guns & Floozies
N. Ferrara
August 2010
Pink Redux
Moises Aragon
July 2010
The Forest Series and Other Works
Michelle Stitz
June 2010
New mixed media paintings by Gared Luquet
May 2010
Little Pieces
Featuring a collection of small works by studio members
April 2010
Maps of Mirabilia
Featuring a collection of recent paintings by Brian Lucas
March 2010
Paper Work
Featuring work by Janis Anton, Elizabeth Bernstein, Linda Braz, Miriam Fagan, Stephen Faulk, Dave Higgins, Marc Landes, Helen Lee, Quela Mikell, Elise Morris, Nathaniel Parsons, Jason Silverio and Jen Zahigian
April 2009
Blue Alchemy: A Group Exhibition Exploring The Contemporary Use Of Woad
Ellen Fader, Miriam Fagan, Elise Morris, Judi Pettite, and Jessican Serran
May 2008
ICON: A Group Show of Eight Bay Area Artists exploring the relationship of object/subject Sublimity
Bert Bergen, Linda Braz, Jessica Cadkin, Obi Kaufmann, Marcos Lafarga, Michael Mellon, Dan Nelson, and Nathaniel Parsons
December 2007