Complex website development
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Complex website development

Comprehensive website development affects all areas: SEO, web development, design and internet marketing. Without the combination of all these vectors, the effective development of the resource cannot be expected. Experts keep their finger on the pulse of current trends in order to offer our clients the best techniques for solving current business problems.
The goals of website development are to become more attractive to potential customers, improve their positive interaction experience, work better and more efficiently, and rise higher in search results. In 2020, the development of the resource is most influenced by these 3 key factors:
  • user behavior and satisfaction
  • search engine promotion rate
  • development of technologies in web design

Business analysis for website development

Business analysis – the first stage of web development

We always start with analytics of the client”s business, this is not just the first stage, but the most important piece of work aimed at developing a website. And if once we persuaded our clients to reveal the “secrets” and the peculiarities of their work in order to create a website that best suits the solution of business problems, now most already understand the importance of this stage and are willing to meet halfway.
In our agency, the study of the client”s business processes, the company”s products or services, the analysis of competitors and the audience are immediately included in the cost of website development. This increases the cost of creating a website somewhat, but without it you will not get a quality product. This analytics is the basis for the formation of the site structure, programming of functional modules and understanding the vectors of resource development.
Business analysis at the development stage gives the appropriate result:
  • competitive website,
  • prepared for SEO promotion,
  • a great tool for attracting and communicating with clients.
When a profile of users is defined, this allows you to make a site that is convenient, understandable and credible, which in turn guarantees high conversion.

Development of a resource through integration with various services

Many companies today need to integrate their website with services that optimize their marketing communications and business processes. Indeed, without the integration of communication systems, analytics and CRM, it can be difficult to calculate how quickly a site will pay off or what needs to be changed in order for it to function more efficiently.

Development of a resource through integration with various services

For the active development of the site, integration with advertising systems with analytics and CRM is simply necessary, since without this, high-quality SEO optimization is impossible. However, the full picture can only be obtained with complete end-to-end analytics.

The main tasks for business sites for 2020.

Everyone is tired of browsing primitive boring sites full of texts, photos and tables. For the development of commercial sites, gaming activities are increasingly used: tests, online quests, quizzes, they help:
  • involve in the process,
  • teach something
  • help solve the problem,
  • to occupy and entertain,
  • and finally – sell
Most users today want to receive not only relevant, useful, interesting content without much difficulty, but also pleasure and entertainment when interacting with a web resource.

Web design for website development

Web design: responsive, responsive and mobile

Unfortunately, many sites are still poorly functioning and look on mobile, despite the fact that responsive design has been the main standard in web development for several years.
Today, it is important to competently work out not only the grid, but in general to adapt the content in such a way that it would be convenient for mobile users to quickly search for any information in a smartphone and perceive it in active motion.
4 vectors of web design development in 2020
Most modern users use a smartphone to solve their tasks, so the desktop resolution is no longer the main one.
Web design tends more and more towards minimalism and less graphic elements.
Dark interfaces are growing in popularity as they can save your phone”s battery.
Interactive contacts: all phones and emails must be made clickable
Combining a mobile app with a website
The trend of combining a website and a mobile application is actively developing; for this, PWA technology is used, which has functions that are similar to a mobile application. PWA technology “turns off” all unnecessary, making the interface much more convenient if a visitor opens a website on a smartphone.
This solution is much cheaper than a website + mobile application. It is much more convenient to interact with such sites if the signal is weak or there is no network at all, in this case all information is loaded from the cache.
Web design responsive responsive mobile
Promising trends in web design
To solve the problems of our clients, our agency uses the main promising trends in web design, which have proven their effectiveness. Their relevance has been confirmed for several years in a row, and their use continues to expand, as design techniques change during their implementation.
Minimalism and conciseness
These immortal trends, today sometimes turn into real madness. This is directly related to the general “mobilization”. Many users believe that the more a website resembles the display of a settings menu on an iPhone, the more effective it will be in helping the user complete all tasks at maximum speed. We believe that a sense of proportion should prevail and should not “go too far”.

Emotional design works like a trigger

Bold and original solutions in web design
This is the other extreme used by big companies with big budgets to experiment. Some design decisions that are used to develop the site are very bold, asymmetrical and dynamic, sometimes even too “schizo”. As the saying goes, “you can”t forbid living beautifully,” but first of all, one should remember about usability and the convenience of the interface for users – this is still more important.

Why a commercial website needs a professional, compelling design

UX design, interfaces (UX and UI)

The usability of a web resource has always been emphasized, but now this aspect of web development has become a universal standard. Tomorrow UX design will be much more important than pretty pictures, but unfortunately, many clients still refuse to agree with this. The difficulty in implementing quality UX design is that this approach requires very deep research into user behavior, which increases the development budget.

Benefits of functional design for commercial websites

Illustrations and 3D graphics
This design trend is becoming more and more popular due to the desire for uniqueness, as the same images are found on every 2 website. There is another reason – the perception of illustrations by users has changed. Today, even large, serious corporations use illustrations in their website design.
Typography, fonts, symbols
Text in web design is a powerful element of impact. Typography is a set of elements that enhance the perception of information. These are large bright headings, “randomly” scattered blocks of text. Various special effects for fonts, the use of gradients, shadows, outlines, as if deliberately impaired readability of the text, original fonts.
Today, effectively delivered text is inseparably merged with design, and this direction will continue to develop. Large text blocks have long ceased to be read; at best, they skim across them fluently. Therefore, it is advisable to present the information on the page in such a way that the user goes from one heading to another and unnoticed for himself gets to the form where he leaves a request.

10 rules for perfect typography. Applying fonts in design

Video and interactive content
The popularity of video content for website development continues to increase in both design and promotion. It is easier for users to trust what they see and understand. It is informative videos that help this. The popularity of video content leads to the fact that video advertising is also gaining momentum, will take over the TikTok, which is now at its peak.
The more lively the website looks, the more interactive elements it has, the better. Catchy original buttons, parallax effect, gradual loading of content, video background and interesting animation – all these elements of web design will continue to evolve. Users like to interact with websites that generate positive emotions.
Interactive content in marketing strategy
How internet marketing drives website development
Integrated internet marketing will give active development to your site, three main trends that you should definitely pay attention to this year:
  • Emotional Web Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Consulting in messengers

How internet marketing drives website development

1. Emotional Marketing

This is a new trend that has come along relatively recently. Today it is difficult to surprise a client with something really, and the emphasis has shifted from demonstrating low prices or favorable conditions, to the emotions of users caused by an approach to their needs and service.
Today the company”s mission has become very significant. First of all, the philosophy of the company and the values ​​that the target audience shares, everything that it believes in and what it follows is important. Therefore, the mission should be a red thread everywhere: in the design and style of the website, in text messages, in the approach to marketing.

It is very important that your business, company image, products and services resonate with the values ​​of the target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to delve deeply into all the needs of clients in order to compose their portrait. It is very difficult to surprise customers with something about whom you know very little.

2. Reputation Marketing

It is worth putting more effort into developing a positive business reputation in recommendation systems. Positive reviews have a good effect on the ranking dynamics both on Yandex.Maps and Google.Maps. It is necessary to encourage customers to leave their reviews on any external sites, this forms a positive business reputation and not only pushes potential customers to buy, but also helps to take a higher position in the search.

Check out our new post for a better understanding of how it can help your website and business: Reputation Marketing vs Reputation Management

Helpful information on how to get customer reviews and trust
Creative ways to use customer feedback to boost conversions
Checklist for obtaining expert feedback on services
Tools for collecting reviews for an online store
How to earn customer loyalty and trust

3. Consulting clients in messengers

Consulting through instant messengers has become very popular, users do not want to do something superfluous, for example, fill out forms, since no one likes a waste of time. The massive use of instant messengers has changed the habits of people, everyone has become impatient, and therefore it is necessary to change the way you communicate with customers.

When you cannot give an answer in 30-40 seconds to a question in an online consultant or messengers, your potential client is likely to turn to competitors. In order to get into the user’s heart, it is necessary to stand in his place, put his problems in the center of attention and demonstrate his significance.

Applying SEO Marketing to Website Development
The goal of SEO marketing is to pump both a business and a website at the same time. This means making the website as user-friendly as possible in order to improve their user experience. Therefore, SEO promotion is carried out in parallel with business development.

Applying SEO Marketing to Website Development

Targeting mobile gadgets.
Increasing a loyal target audience
Getting as many traffic sources as possible
SEO targeting for low frequency queries
Promotion of branded content and creation of brand traffic
Website protection (SSL certificate) and personal data
Ensuring the smooth operation of the resource
Maximum content rendering
Today, the user-centric Internet employs artificial intelligence and a variety of smart technologies so that the user does not have to think for a long time, and all actions are intuitive. Application interfaces and website designs are made easier for the user, however, this is achieved by more complex web development and programming.

KEY FINDING: Simplifying the user interface and taking away the long thinking that is aimed at improving the user experience is central to web development, design, and internet marketing in 2020. Today advertisements, websites and interactive content all appeal to the emotions of users, not their minds. Digital marketing has become smart, empathic, and emotional.

Therefore, the development of the site is an integral step in achieving key business goals. Modernization and development of a resource is a whole range of activities: UX design, web marketing, SEO promotion, which are aimed at increasing competitiveness and improving user experience. If you are interested in the efficient operation of your site, please contact us, we are always happy to help.

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