Complex website development
Web Development

Complex website development

Comprehensive website development affects all areas: SEO, web development, design and internet marketing. Without the combination of all these vectors, the effective development of the resource cannot be expected. Experts keep their finger on the pulse of current trends in order to offer our clients the best techniques for solving current business problems. The goals […]

software development
Software Development

Software development

Don’t confuse software development and programming Every software developer knows how to program, but not every programmer can develop software Most can easily learn to cook, but when a large number of people need to be fed, we hire a chef. Perhaps some people prefer to say not “developer” more, but a software engineer, because […]

Development of mobile applications
Mobile Development

Development of mobile applications

If a couple of centuries ago, in different parts of the world, people were enveloped in the Gold Rush, now we can confidently say that the modern world is completely and completely absorbed by mobile fever. Is there at least one person in your environment who does not use a smartphone? Hardly. Smartphone sales are […]

What is DevOps

What is DevOps?

Several years ago, a new specialty of DevOps engineer appeared in IT. She quickly became one of the most popular and demanded on the market. But here’s the paradox – part of the popularity of DevOps is due to the fact that companies that hire such specialists often confuse them with representatives of other professions. […]

Product design process guide
UI/UX Design

Product design process guide

Working in a UX studio is exciting, makes you constantly test your abilities and develop. Not only do we need to become UX experts, but we also need to understand the areas for which we create our products. Product development involves many people, the process forces everyone to work closely with each other, including designers, […]